Fruit Production

BG Agro Fruit Company EOOD is the owner of Madara orchard. At present, the fruit plantations cover over 338 decares (over 34 hectares) and the company annually expands the planted area with new fruit trees. Established in 2007 the company is successfully managed by young and innovative professionals. The orchard is planted predominantly with apples, cherries and plums.

The apple varieties grown include: Apples Vista Bella, Molis Delishies, Golden Resistant, Florina, John Gold and Granny Smith. In November 2018 a new super-intensive plantation of apples was undertaken, which includes varieties Gala, Fuji and Red Superb.

The cherry assortment consists of Van and Bing varieties, and the plums are of Hanita and Stanley varieties.

In 2019 BG Agro Fruit Company started the planting of super-intensive plum varieties Top King, Top End and Stanley and super-intensive cherry varieties Cordia, Royal Eddy, Royal Helena and Early Lory.

The orchard has its own water source and is equipped with a modern irrigation system. The availability of water is one of the important factors for achieving high quality production. The production is stored in warehouses and refrigerated storage facilities and kept under strict temperature and quality control. In effect is the implementation and the certification of the quality management processes in accordance with ISO 9001 and that of production processes by the Global Gap standard.

For the needs of the main trade and ancillary activities, a packing facility with an automated line for packaging fruit has been built. The company has its own refrigerated vehicles presently operating for deliveries to its partners.

For the last four years the company has been participating in the programs School Fruit and School Milk, during which time it has established itself as a sustainable and trusted supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables to over 25,000 children in Northeastern Bulgaria.

BG Agro Fruit Company sells its products both in Bulgaria and in the European markets.